8 Years Later, the 500X is Still Around

 Not only is the 500X still around, it's the only new Fiat currently available. The 500X of today carries the same body styling as almost a decade ago but has been much improved with available Advanced Driver Assistance and comfort features. For the price, it's a reasonable crossover, but as a former 500 Abarth driver, I might be inclined to hold out for upcoming models, like the 500e Abarth!  Assuming I get get past the overly cutesy headlight "eyebrows."

500x: The "American" Fiat 500

The 2014 Paris Auto Show in October marked the debut of the latest member of the Fiat 500 family: the 500x. While the 500x shares a similar footprint to the (some would say) more homely 500L, it's built on the new Jeep Renegade architecture. A sloping roofline and aggressive (at least for the Trekking variant) stance combined with the 500's iconic styling could make the 500x a big winner in the compact crossover market in America.

Like the 500L, but unlike the hatchback versions, the larger platform means more room inside, including room for a navigation screen, and other niceties that are becoming must-haves at even the lower end of the market.

Designated with a 2016 model year, we can expect to see the 500x in showrooms some time in 2015.


2015 Instrument Panel Goes Digital

Along with a new optional 6-speed automatic transmission for the Abarth, Fiat is introducing a new interior design for the 2015 model year. Updates include a new 7-inch TFT display which replaces the mechanical/LED display in earlier model years. Bluetooth streaming for music (in addition to phone) becomes standard and the center console has also been redesigned.

Fiat announces auto transmission for 2015 Abarth

Fiat has announced the introduction of the Abarth automatic in 2015. The 6-speed automatic transmission will be available on both the Abarth hardtop and the Abarth Cabrio. With the auto transmission, gas mileage goes from 34 mpg to 32 mpg on the highway, and from 28 mpg to 24 mpg in the city, as compared to the 5-speed manual, which will still be available. However, the new drivetrain configuration also get you a bump up in torque to 183 lb-ft from 170 lb-ft in the manual, though max power is reduced from 160 hp to 157 hp.

Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

New for 2014 is the Abarth Cabrio. With a roof that slides back like the Fiat 500c, Fiat has opened up the Abarth. While not a true convertible, the Cabrio's soft-top roof will open up more than the sunroof on a hardtop Abarth. But that rear visibility is sure compromised.

Fiat 500L

Fiat introduces the 500L and gets a pass from the Fiat fans. Because everyone is allowed to make one mistake.

Fiat 500 Abarth arrives in USA

With a glorious past, yesterday’s winning passion perseveres today: it’s the concept that drives the relaunch of the Abarth brand. Forever synonymous with cars that have backbone, seek challenges, passion and strong emotions, the scorpion has returned to make people dream with a new line of sports cars.

The novelty is the reconfiguring, in a modern setting, of all its Abarth & Co.’s past activities starting from racing, to prototypes, to kits for transforming cars and arriving at true and proper style accessories; the expression of an authentic philosophy for sporty living.

In other words, around the Abarth brand is a real world hinging on the core values that led to its success in past decades: design innovation, using cutting edge material, and care for details. The Abarth aura has already been applied to the Grande Punto and in the future, the revived scorpion will be expanded to other models beginning with the 500 in summer 2008.